"You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with" - Jim Rohn.......Choose wisely!

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

The environment in which you live in is very important to your success in life. Where you live, who you spend time with, what you read, watch and listen too. This is something that I am extremely passionate about and the main reason why I started Project You Sisterhood. I wanted to create a loving, supportive, encouraging space for women to come to and feel that they can be themselves, to not have to put on a front, to feel safe, understood and not judged in any way.

I have always had a desire to be around driven, passionate women who I could have a deep meaningful conversation with. I was never into gossip or bitching about other people. Deep down I knew that I needed to fill my life with fun, exciting, go getting women who wanted more out of their life. They didn't want to just settle for ordinary they wanted extraordinary.

I hadn't found that sisterhood until 4 years ago.

"Behind every successful woman is a sisterhood of other successful women who have her back".

As one of my mentors Tony Robbins says "The only way to change your life is to raise your standards".

Raise your standards by removing negative people in your life or spending as little time as possible with them. Check in with yourself after you have spent time with someone and see how you feel. Do you feel energised, excited, positive, empowered or do you feel drained, frustrated, negative and tired. This is a great indication of who you should and shouldn't be spending your precious time here on earth.

People that are positive, optimistic, passionate, enthusiastic, high vibrational are fun people that you want to be around. They will be the ones that will lift you up, empower you and support you in your goals and dreams. They will be the ones that will mention your name in a room of opportunities. The will always want the best for you.

The people you spend the most time with have a huge influence on the way you think, the language you use, the food you eat, the things you do. If you spend your time around people that love to go for a walk or run, exercise, go for a healthy lunch it will influence you to be and do the same. People that eat junk food, are couch potatoes, smoke, drink, take drugs etc will influence your choices in these areas. You need to know what your standards are and spend time with people that have the same standards or higher.

Your environment is also what you watch on the TV. Is it always the news, doom and gloom, is it gossip shows, negative dramas, degrading reality shows or is it educational, empowering, fun, happy shows? What you listen to such as music, podcasts, news, radio stations will effect your thoughts and beliefs. What you are seeing on your social media. Are you following people on Facebook, Instagram that make you feel empowered about yourself and inspire you or do they make you feel small and inadequate. Remove anyone that makes you feel negative about yourself and your life.

"If you are the smartest woman in the room you are in the wrong room". this quote was a big lightbulb moment for me.

"Surround yourself with those who only lift you higher.” – Oprah Winfrey

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