The Leading Lady of your Life Program


Finally a woman that has been where you are and experienced everything that you are feeling right now has put together a program based on her own experiences to help you reignite the real you again.

That beautiful fun goddess you once were.


A revolutionary NEW 6 week one on one program to get you
back to that Leading Lady, the VIP, the goddess you desire to be again. To take control and stop letting life happen to you and start taking control and make life happen for you, each beautiful day of your life.

Love Lou Lou

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Hey Gorgeous...

I’ve been thinking about you lately.


I see you sat there on the bathroom floor feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, unhappy, unmotivated, worried and angry. Feeling heavy and broken, feeling overwhelmed, frumpy, unattractive, feeling like you have given up on yourself, you have lost YOU.


I see you in the past when you have given your everything to your family, work , etc.


I see that you have lost your essence, your sparkle, the fun within you, your cheekiness, the giggles and excitement have gone replaced by stress, worry and anxiety.


You feel like you have lost your soul, feel guilty for taking timeout for yourself, for getting your hair done, nails done or going for a massage to help your aching mind & body.


You feel like you are doing the same thing over and over again each day, week, month, year. They all just roll into one and you are going round and round on the hamster wheel of life not really conscious of what life is like or who you are here to be.


I see you looking for support, for encouragement, for a sisterhood of women like yourself going through the same thing, wanting more out of your life. Wanting more energy, to feel sexy again, to look in the mirror and feel confident. To have more fun and excitement in life.


I understand you. I have felt all those things too. You know why?


Because I've been where you are now. I am here to support you, to encourage you and to show you what is possible.


Together I can help you take control, reignite that fun, happy, feminine goddess that is within you. You can become the leading lady of your life. It’s time to take back what is yours, to put you as the number 1 priority. Remember you can’t give your whole self to others if you are not whole for yourself. You have to love you before you can share love.

You Will Learn How To


Live a life with less stress and more joy and happiness.


Show up each day with so much more confidence.


Be energised, showup and shine your light so bright

Is this you?

It seems like you have lost the real you, you have given so much to everyone else in your life.


You’ve found yourself wondering “Who am I? Who have I become” and “I am so tired of feeling old, frumpy and grumpy, where has the real fun, vibrant me gone?” 🤔


It doesn’t have to be this way.




2021 is the year for you to shine, blossom, reignite the fun and passion in your life,  the year YOU become the leading lady of your life, take full responsibility and own who you are, who you want to be and what you want to do with the rest of your life.  


What if I could help you reignite the inner goddess that you are and have always been?


 If you’re reading this, I want you to know that I know for certain that it is possible to reignite the real YOU, bring back the sparkle, the cheekiness, the fun and to feel confident again. Through living and breathing everything that I will be teaching you from my own experience over the last 4+ years.

You Will Get Access To:

Private Mentoring

Live Weekly Zoom

Exclusive Tips & Tricks

Our Facebook Sisterhood

How would you like to

    Get a restful nights sleep so that your body can rest and repair ready for the next day

    Eat to nourish your body with food that will help your metabolism, liver and hormones (these are the top 3 areas we need to concentrate on as we get older).

    Move your body everyday so that you stay fit, flexible, strong and mobile.

    Vibrate at a higher frequency ( this sounds a bit woo woo but you will understand more during the program) you are having positive thoughts and beliefs,

    Live a life with less stress and more joy and happiness.

    Be surrounded with likeminded women that support and encourage you every step of the way and your environment is positive and high vibrational.

    Show up each day with so much more confidence.

    Be energised, shining your light bright, showing up with more vitality.

    Start the day with a clearer mind, you have positive thoughts, beliefs and stories in your mind.



I invite you to join me for an incredible 6 weeks of

fun & laughter, tears & tantrums
(that’s ok it is a safe space here)
and so much growth and discovery.