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 Awaken the  woman within 

A revolutionary NEW 6 week program to get you back to that Leading Lady, the VIP, the goddess you desire to be again. To take control and stop letting life happen to you and start taking control and make life happen for you, each beautiful day of your life.

It's time to  SHINE

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Success Mindset

We will set your intention for the next 6 weeks & plan how this will be achieved. We will look at your entire life and which areas you'd like to focus. Setting yourself up for success

Love Yourself


Emotions are powerful. This week will be looking at our emotions and how we can acknowledge them and change them and how we can also channel them to create success

Image by Monika Kozub

Feminine Energy

We will look at the masculine & feminine energy & how we as women have lost our connection with the divine feminine & what we can do to tap back into that magical energy

Week ONE

Week TWO


Happy Bride


This week is all about lifestyle & daily routine. We will teach ways for you to live an enriched life full of purpose. Life is beautiful so let's add a little sparkle


Life Knowledge

Now that you have gained this powerful knowledge, reawakened your feminine it is time to learn how to implement this in your everyday life.

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You now have the tools to move forward in your life with confidence, grace & elegance as the true LEADING LADY OF YOUR LIFE! Where to next?



Week SIX

All I ask of YOU

3D Pink Flower


 Ready to take control of your life to become the leading lady of your life. Only you can do this for yourself. I can guide you and hold space for you but ultimately you have to do the work.

One of a KIND

There is nothing else like this out there.

This program has been carefully and lovingly created by a leading lady in the same season of life as you,  who has experienced exactly what you are going through.



I am walking my talk, practising what I teach daily. I have had 46 years of life experience or as I like to call it the university of life.  


I will be there every step of the way. I will hold your hand through all of your journey to becoming the more confident, sassy, sparkling version of yourself.


No more staying stuck and struggling by yourself, wondering if this is just you or are there other women out there feeling lost and alone.


Are You Ready To step off that hamster wheel and take control of your life. Live a more meaningful life. A life that YOU are creating?


Then I invite you to join me for an incredible 6 weeks of fun & laughter, tears & tantrums ( that’s ok it is a safe space here) and so much growth and discovery.

Pink Velvet

I'm ready to

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Skirt twirl
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